there was a weird drink i ordered from jumba juice, i thought it was just strawberry and lemonade blend except it was in green and it made sense at the time. i added black jelly and white jelly into it, mixing em all together and drinking it from the straw so there was a swirl in it. i did all this just because i wanted a photo shoot of the mess that i made.


i was with a crew of asians, apparently my friends.

we were on a cruise in a van or something. we arrived at cerritos mall and we disseminated to go shopping.

i walked back to the van without realizing i just had a bikini on. i had left my t-shirt at the some store. the driver, who was also my friend, was in the van the whole time, i told him i'll go back to get my shirt back and be right back. he said i should be quick because he's taking off. so i went, and right after i got off the van i heard wild dogs barking, and then a big brown dog ran over to me. i was scared but i managed to throw something at it and it ran back into the brush. a black hungry dog came out right after, this time i ran back to the van with the van door shut and locked. my driver friend ran out and beat the dog away.

so after the whole ordeal we drove away from cerritos mall. somehow we were in a mountain road going downhill. for all that i knew there was some event held at someone's pad at shin yee street, and we were heading over.

we got off the car and landed into a lake. there were long grass growing over the lake, and some scattering people were walking in tip toe on it. my friend held my hands and we walked through it.


Gotham City, Day and Night

it was a dark cold night, with a typhoon stirring up the ocean in the harbor. i was flying low and my partner was grabbing on to my feet. i was trying to drag / pull my partner to the pier while he struggled swimming in the middle of the ocean. it felt as if i was there swimming, too.. only that i wasn't. the night was so dark that it made the water pitch black, and everywhere i looked consisted of a dark ultramarine. as the typhoon stirred the wave of the ocean crazier and more violently, my partner and i had been stirred and arrived at the corner of the legendary harbor.

it was more like, a gotham city it seemed. yes, gotham, i said. we were like refugee, every cell in our bodies occupied with the tingling sensation of fear that we were going to get caught running away in the middle of the night. as soon as we got back to our feet and started running, we realized we had entered into the wrong region of the city.. for it was where this gotham tiger ran around looking for us.

we tried to hide, run more, and hide. i tried to run as fast as possible but no matter how hard i tried, i was in a slow pace. we arrived at a quiet (or dead) neighborhood, i followed my partner and climbed over the fence into someone's backyard.. in search of safety and peacefulness.


i was now during twilight, in an apartment complex and i was hanging around with my friends. some foo was playing basketball in the basketball court, apparently recognized me as the chick he was interested in but never made the attempt to approach to.

i drove to in-n-out 5 times to get some burgers. first time, i intended to order a double double with grilled onions in it but instead i only got a regular cheeseburger. of course i was mad and wasn't satisfied. so i went back to the drive-thru again, ordered it again and ate it. i guessed it never filled me up; i was so hungry that i went back again to get the same thing. the last time i went back to the drive-thru, i ordered a box of fried buffalo chickens and ate them all.

still hungry.


the boat

i and a few people (apparently all my family and crew) decided to go on a boat in the lake and just chill.

we didn't plan on staying on it for too long, although we did. i wanted to take a picture of one of my guy friends standing in the front of the boat holding his guitar, but i was too lazy to stand up. next thing we knew it was night time, it got so ridiculously peaceful, warm and foggy that we couldn't see anything but white fog. therefore, we were stuck in one spot of the lake and couldn't move the ship or get out of it. there were absolutely no movement nor sounds in the lake, so the all of us ended up staying still and quiet. the ship owner said this hot foggy condition at night had never occurred before, and didn't want us to say a thing about it because he didn't want to lose business. at first we were all just talking and enjoying the night away anyway. later we all decided to hold on to each other hands and sleep so we wouldn't lose each other the next morning.

so we ended up staying overnight there on the ship. 12 hours passed.

finally we were off. my guy friend rushed to lead a angry dog to some other dog's food bowl, because i guessed the dog had scared him so. i laid on a bed with my back facing up, almost hugging his guitar and playing it that way. somehow i was able to play some song from some movie soundtracks. i was proud of myself.


As mentioned in all relevant dream symbols, bodies of water represent your unconscious, your emotions and your accumulated soul experiences. Depending on the content of the dream, several different interpretations could be made. The boat in your dream could represent you and the manner you navigate through your emotions. It could symbolize the voyage of your life, an adventure and exploration of your unconscious, or a connection to the people in your dream by pointing out something that all of you have in common ("in the same boat"). When interpreting this dream, consider the kind of voyage and the type of boat. Superstition-based dream interpretation books say that if the voyage is calm, you should go forward with your plans. However, if it is a very stormy voyage, get ready for an emotional upset (or challenge).


Dreaming of a specific body of water such as a lake must be analyzed according to its setting and the entire contents of the dream and much like dreaming of water in general, the clearness of the lake also has to do with the omen or situation it refers to. Clear water being the best. To dream of being in a boat on a calm, serene lake shows that you have much peace and happiness coming your way. If the lake is storm tossed then your life will take a turn for an emotional upheaval and possible losses. Seeing a lake in a glen with sunshine sparkling on the surface portends great good luck in all your endeavors.

boat/ship related dream analysis


garter belt

i was wearing a skirt, a semi-transparent grayish garter belt and a pair of boots. i was waiting in and long and slow line for something.

i was now at the garter belt / shoe / clothes store shopping for another garter belt. i tried on a black one, and i was in front of the mirror debating if i should wear this or switched back to the original gray one i had on. i glanced next to the mirror--there were a section full of pants that i really liked. i looked through them, hoping that they still stayed in place by the time i leave and come back later. for all that i know i was in a rush to go somewhere.


my crew

so i was in a gang,

apparently, there were only 2 other people along with me. (and i was not the leader of the gang) a woman on tv communicating with us said no to our deal /offer, rejecting our gang's command. the tv screen went blank. to my knowledge she got bombed after disobeying our order.


skin infection

skin on my back had been itchy as hell cuz of my tattoo removal. i was convinced that it was some skin disease growing on me. after a brief diagnosis with the doctor, he confirmed me it was caused by the messed up shit i ate.

i remembered now. i once ate some shitty can of soup. there were a whole gang of ants crawling all over it, but i didn't care much because i was hungry. so i wiped em off and downed it. a few ants probably had accidentally gone into my system, breed in there and created a new family in me. oh well.


my girlfriend

she and i were in the yoga studio with a group of ppl. everyone was getting ready to leave now, and i was getting ready to leave the room with her. i put my shoes on.

we walked through a park, seeing the most absurdly saturated, green-est grass here and there, but other than that it was mostly just a deserted land. my girlfriend was walking on my left side; i had my arm in her arm. and then some fat dood supposedly my boyfriend came out of nowhere walked next to me on my right, with his arm stuck into mine.

we chatted and started laughing about something i didn't recall what. i guessed the girlfriend didn't like it, for she walked out of my arm, paced faster away and left us behind. i yelled my gf's name and tried to run after her but she ignored me. and then i gave up chasing after her, got irritated at the dood walking next to me for ever making such a unthoughtful appearance.

we were all heading to the same destination, though--the newly built condo/house in front of us. it was in the middle of the park-- which was more like the middle of nowhere. i took my shoes off as i got in there, could already smelled the fresh strong scent of the newly constructed house.

the house was almost too new and too clean to be true; it was very, very   w h i t e   everywhere. one of those modern minimalism favorites. there was a stair, with its side facing me.

at this point i didn't know if i was just imagining it happening.. or if it's really happening. but i saw my girlfriend ran downstairs with a gun in her hand. and then she pulled the trigger. at me or at the dood i did not know...


movie night

it was night time and i was watching a tom hanks' movie on VHS in my dark bedroom at condo. i was pretty sure it's saving private ryan, because he was in war and dressed in army suits. i finished the first video tape of it but couldn't find the second video tape anywhere. so i went out to hunt for it.

i was now walking around in the street at taiwan, found a video/bookstore and started shopping there. i ended up looking at books and forgot about the video tapes i was supposedly looking for.

anyways. all that put aside. i bumped into angela during this weird trip. we hung out alittle; i forgot what we did. i drove to a funky neighborhood (which supposedly is where my condo located) where everything were "squarish" and looked the same. and then i took off from there again, headed to mitsua and had ramen for lunch.



i was eating grape flavor yogurt in my bedroom in taiwan.

it wasn't really yogurt though. it was hardened and less liquidish, kinda like clay but not really. all i knew was that it was light purple and it was way better.

some guy walked in and gave me the most sensual kiss i had ever had in my entire life. all i knew was that we were on unspoken term, but somehow that kiss got my waiting on him by my bed.

022108 i got a bott of organic lotion in grape flavor. it smells just like my yogurt.


the dentist place

i went to the dentist.

i found this place in costa mesa, in an outdoor shopping mall. i think it's called "the balms". or is it the palms.

i was drawn to the place for apparent reason. the ad post said: "exchange special friendship." or something like that i didn't recall.

as soon as i walked in there i was led to a cell room. i walked out and about to see what was going on in the other rooms. some indian woman was helping another lady put jewelries all over her body. i walked to the next room, and one of the nurses at this dentist place started telling me about her life, how she ended up there and all. all the sudden i had an urge to cry but i managed to holding it in anyway--confused and not knowing what to do with my life.

i walked out of the dentist to shop around. and then i saw grandpa standing there waiting for me. he had 2 puddings in his hand, one was for him and one was for me. i managed to hold on to this moment a minute longer.. even though i felt it shifting away because i was almost waking. i wrote "i love grandpa" to him and told him so before the dream left me.

and there, that was that. i walked back to the dentist place, which was now structured behind a grand, locked golden door, resembling a chinese temple-style palace entrance. i couldn't enter in anymore for it was closed and locked..

0123 dejavu.. i was at pasadena with ying and the dentist was located in a shopping center that looks exactly like one mall hallway there.


long beach apartment by the pch

jacuzzi. daytime.

a friend, i didn't even know who, had companied me while at it. but she left later and left me alone all by myself.

a group of some extremely stupid, obnoxious teenagers were playing in the swimming pool. i was in the jacuzzi by myself in the very corner, struggling to move an inch of my body so i can get out of there. somehow every part of my body were numb. (i knew i wasn't stoned) then, too lazy to deal with it, i fell asleep.

i woke up and i was still in the jacuzzi. everybody else had left. i was all alone again. i went back to my dark and dull apartment. it's got a dim burnt yellow tone barely lightening the place up. there were nothing in there except a ghetto, postcard size tv and a mini refrigerator. the ceiling was right on top of my head.

i coudn't stand this shit anymore.

teeth crisis

my teeth were all loose.

i kept telling myself that i was dreaming, but i really wasn't.
i tried not to move my mouth to keep my teeth stable,
but eventually they all fell out and apart,
turned into powder, then into ashes.



whoever this is, ended up hanging out with me. and we went to get food at some random drive-thru place.



i was black.

and i accidentally shot another black guy on the neck. his blood dripped and dripped, slowly but surely until the brains flew out.

i cleaned up the mess, (how i did not know) hid the gun in my pants and ran away.


"altercation 60 percent"

first few chapters talk about how everyone faces flood disasters all over the world, people walk and hike all the time in weird landscape while encountering strange monster-looking animals--events just don't add up. and by the middle of the book it hits me.

legend has it that a scientist worked on a project, project of altercation 60 percent. every living species were turned into a size in relation among the others. the rule is: ants being the smallest and blue whale (largest animal in the world) being the biggest.

ants were enlarged, like zooming in in photo software, to the size of the blue whale. on the other hand blue whales became the size of the ants. every living species, based on the relative proportion alters its size accordingly.

i still couldn't figure out where the number 60 came from.